Monday, May 5, 2014

Putin, Putin, Putin -- Satan? Satan? Satan?

Is there a more disgusting name on the planet?

I understand and respect the deep relationship between Russia, Crimea, and Ukraine. Russia should have some important rights there.

That is not what is happening. Putin has been trying to disrupt the Ukrainian economy for many years. None of this has been necessary.

Putin, you are despicable. I'm not even against the United Russia party. So pulling together of the former Russia isn't a bad thing

It's the most horrible way you do things. Putin, there is no worse name on this planet.

But I have a very difficult time believing that you have said that the fall of the USSR was the worse thing that could happen? In the past two thousand years only one other thing betters the fall of the USSR and that is Jesus.

Sure it's been two thousand years and people keep using his birth to justify their evil actions. It may take another 2000 years before it becomes forbidden to do evil in the name of Jesus.

But please set the record straight--You could never have said that the fall of the USSR was a bad thing.

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