Sunday, October 12, 2014

This morning I ran across an interesting article on Astrology--
"Revisiting the question of astrology skeptics."
I believe this astrologer has good intentions and is sincere and helpful in her practice, and I would not discourage anyone from seeing her.

In one of her latest blog entries she was confused regarding astronomical facts that anyone--astrologer, astronomer, or whoever--should know before entering a discussion concerning the differnces between the tropical zodiac, the sidereal zodiacs, precession of the equinoxes, the ayanamsa corrections, the Ages of Man, and the Great Year.

I really hate to see laymen get confused from reading misinformation. I was taught many of these facts and definitions in grade school and high school. Some in college. Perhaps educational standards have fallen since then.
While going through what little I had left from my last move, I salvaged a paper with the following affirmation -- 
The divine purpose of my life and the dreams and desires of my heart now express themselves in wonderful ways that bless me and all those whose lives touch mine.
I haven't been able to find the author or a source. 

To that I would add from Richard Bach's Illusions, 
In the path of your true happiness lie the lessons you have chosen this lifetime to learn.
Taken together, these two statements capture the deepest understanding of contemporay western astrology.

The affirmation given in Unity's Daily Word yesteday (Saturday, October 11, 2014) was "I accept the activity of God in me and in my world."

The key word was "Grace."

That's one of the simplist and more refreshing definitions of astrology I have seen for a while.