Monday, May 5, 2014

Listening to Blasphemy in Wal-mart

About two years ago, I was picking up some things in the pharmacy area of Wal-mart, when I overheard--and she did want everyone to overhear--about a two-month-old baby getting hurt. A worker there expressed remorse and concern. The customer told the worker that the baby wasn't innocent, but a sinner instead. I've heard a few other people say such stupid things before so I knew there was no reason to say anything.

This bitter old woman was projecting her inner hate in such an powerless was. She continued to misuse the Bible instead of looking at her awful life. There should be some kind of law against this.

Oh! There is! It's blasphemy. I have had difficulty understanding blasphemy. What could be said of God that doesn't have some or much truth to it. The qualities of God need to be discussed honestly and openly. Was Jesus the Son of Man as he said or the Son of God as others say.

These are very debatable topics with similarities in many religions.

The customer's hate for the 2-month-old baby and blaming that on God--well that is also a debatable topic, but this woman's hatred pushes it closer to the blasphemy edge.

Yes, there are many people in many religions who try to maintain that people are born sinful or evil. No one has proved that one yet and they have had plenty of time.  

Biblical truth cannot be proved by the Bible. That's like proving Playboy stories in Playboy. These resources can provide helpful suggestions, but they can't go any further. They need to be proved in the real world.

Truth is definitely not empirical. We know the human brain doesn't come close to logging in much of the Universe. Brane theory clearly shows us how little we can possibly know.

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