Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Is Oscar Pistorius a militant Muslim? Or is he a wanna be. He should be castrated by the women of Nigeria with the others terrorists there. So he's white and South African. That does not give him the right to shoot and kill his girl friend. Just break up, idiot. Was there some type of palimony? Superhero goes bad.

There was no one else there. I suspect that is why he is being denied a trail by jury, but that is probably more of a fluke than a descent strategy. No one is buying his story. No one believes his phony cries. He seems to believe that his legs give him a moral superiority over others, playing their executioner. He needs to watch a few "Saw" movies. He should never be allowed to see the sun again and never wear those legs again. He did the crime. There is no confusion there. I'm a bleeding heart liberal, but indiscriminate killing should remain a crime.

Whatever happened to Biafra? All the recent fraud originating from Nigeria clearly describes it as a non-nation. They have made untold attempts on my accounts. I hope that the coming up conference will be successful. If not, Nigeria has lost its right to be an independent nation and should be completely expelled from the UN. It's time for Nigeria to become mandate status.

I'm sure life in Nigeria is unbelievably bad for many people there. And in my country criminality is truly popular. Nigeria is hardly the only country that should be treated properly here. Life is bad all over.

To claim that Islam gives one permission to treat people so badly...such perversion.

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