Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Is Oscar Pistorius a militant Muslim? Or is he a wanna be. He should be castrated by the women of Nigeria with the others terrorists there. So he's white and South African. That does not give him the right to shoot and kill his girl friend. Just break up, idiot. Was there some type of palimony? Superhero goes bad.

There was no one else there. I suspect that is why he is being denied a trail by jury, but that is probably more of a fluke than a descent strategy. No one is buying his story. No one believes his phony cries. He seems to believe that his legs give him a moral superiority over others, playing their executioner. He needs to watch a few "Saw" movies. He should never be allowed to see the sun again and never wear those legs again. He did the crime. There is no confusion there. I'm a bleeding heart liberal, but indiscriminate killing should remain a crime.

Whatever happened to Biafra? All the recent fraud originating from Nigeria clearly describes it as a non-nation. They have made untold attempts on my accounts. I hope that the coming up conference will be successful. If not, Nigeria has lost its right to be an independent nation and should be completely expelled from the UN. It's time for Nigeria to become mandate status.

I'm sure life in Nigeria is unbelievably bad for many people there. And in my country criminality is truly popular. Nigeria is hardly the only country that should be treated properly here. Life is bad all over.

To claim that Islam gives one permission to treat people so badly...such perversion.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Listening to Blasphemy in Wal-mart

About two years ago, I was picking up some things in the pharmacy area of Wal-mart, when I overheard--and she did want everyone to overhear--about a two-month-old baby getting hurt. A worker there expressed remorse and concern. The customer told the worker that the baby wasn't innocent, but a sinner instead. I've heard a few other people say such stupid things before so I knew there was no reason to say anything.

This bitter old woman was projecting her inner hate in such an powerless was. She continued to misuse the Bible instead of looking at her awful life. There should be some kind of law against this.

Oh! There is! It's blasphemy. I have had difficulty understanding blasphemy. What could be said of God that doesn't have some or much truth to it. The qualities of God need to be discussed honestly and openly. Was Jesus the Son of Man as he said or the Son of God as others say.

These are very debatable topics with similarities in many religions.

The customer's hate for the 2-month-old baby and blaming that on God--well that is also a debatable topic, but this woman's hatred pushes it closer to the blasphemy edge.

Yes, there are many people in many religions who try to maintain that people are born sinful or evil. No one has proved that one yet and they have had plenty of time.  

Biblical truth cannot be proved by the Bible. That's like proving Playboy stories in Playboy. These resources can provide helpful suggestions, but they can't go any further. They need to be proved in the real world.

Truth is definitely not empirical. We know the human brain doesn't come close to logging in much of the Universe. Brane theory clearly shows us how little we can possibly know.

Putin, Putin, Putin -- Satan? Satan? Satan?

Is there a more disgusting name on the planet?

I understand and respect the deep relationship between Russia, Crimea, and Ukraine. Russia should have some important rights there.

That is not what is happening. Putin has been trying to disrupt the Ukrainian economy for many years. None of this has been necessary.

Putin, you are despicable. I'm not even against the United Russia party. So pulling together of the former Russia isn't a bad thing

It's the most horrible way you do things. Putin, there is no worse name on this planet.

But I have a very difficult time believing that you have said that the fall of the USSR was the worse thing that could happen? In the past two thousand years only one other thing betters the fall of the USSR and that is Jesus.

Sure it's been two thousand years and people keep using his birth to justify their evil actions. It may take another 2000 years before it becomes forbidden to do evil in the name of Jesus.

But please set the record straight--You could never have said that the fall of the USSR was a bad thing.

Bring Back Our Girls

The horrible kidnappings in Nigeria has no excuse. These young women should not have to live like this.

What the hell is going on there? Where is the law? That may sound stupid, but it's not. Those who committed such horrible acts deserve the best possible punishment.

The girls they took should be allowed to castrate their enemies.

There is no earthly religion or any other justification for such acts. If these criminals think that they are Islam, they need to rethink.

I would normally try to keep my country out of this, but no. This is too sick. Is Nigeria asking to lose its sovereignty?   Does it even have any sovereignty? These actions are not those of a sovereign country.

Chinese Sexagenary Cycle

As we know from the Chinese zodiac, turning 60-years-old completes the first phase of living. The first 60 signs have been realized. All signs have had their turn in the 5 moving elements of their zodiac. The person is complete. At such a time one must act or shut up. He or she has seen enough evil. The awakened being must now move carefully to heal problems in society without causing new ones.

60 is grey power. 60 is the power of the elders. What you do not do to improve this world and reduce its suffering, will hit you hard in both this life and the next.

Power to grey people!

Alphabet Medicine

In the past year I have been heavily mangled by managed health care. Managed care was developed in the 1970s to 1980s. It has helped many people and hurt many more. Now after 40 years of mangled care in this country. Illinois has decided to use it. How in the world did that ever happen?

Neutron bombs work just as well. Should we bomb all of the health clinics and hospitals to get rid of the medically needy. This seems to be the logic of the legislators behind these changes, made by people who never had to use mangled care.

There are answers and mangled care is not one of them.  

It is sickening to see what younger people say about the older, pretending that the older will never know.

A little history:

The fall of holistic medicine in Europe occurred in the 17th century ad. In America the American Civil War started us down the slippery slope of allopathic medicine.

Holistic medicine continued and continues to be practiced throughout the world. Many lands invaded by and controlled by the Europeans were forced to give up holistic medicine to some degree. The Indians, North and South Americans, the Chinese, and the Tibetans resisted and rebelled. Some more successfully than others.

In the late 1800s, India reintroduced holistic medicine to North America. In the 1960s the eastern world flooded Europe and the Americas with their holistic practices. Since then we have been blessed by the many holistic traditions and practices. We have choices. The war continues. Many people want eternal youth, instant cures, and no death. Maybe the medical wars will never end, but this is the best I have ever seen medicine in my life.

As a child, I was subjected to horrible, horrible allopathic treatments.

Where I have been receiving allopathic treatments recently, I keep getting the "Food is poison" speech. Sometimes someone will give a "Food is medicine" speech, but that is a very rare speech there.  

I've been forbidden to engage in walking and other exercise. In one day of no walking my feet and ankles swelled beyond belief.

There is such a great disconnect between medicine and healing, neither have much to do with they way we currently understand reality. No one has yet to figure out how to work with our 11 dimensions, or more if we include nonphysical interactions. Eleven dimensions are based on the four physical energies of gravitons, photons, gluons, and weakons.

Are physical bodies as they exist within our four dimensional world are consciously or unconsciously moved and effected by these four powers. Of course there are probably many more physical energies that we know nothing about. We can't begin to predict the missing forces. Then what about spiritual forces. After Newton died, there was an extreme effort to remove the foolish ideas held by Newton and his friend.

Outside Europe and European culture, people held onto their spiritual beliefs and the spiritual elements that are part of the Universe. Quite frankly that means we know about 1% of the physical universe and .000000% about the spiritual universe.

Trying to control the universe by limiting it to a handful of forces and dimensions is not ever going to work.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Internet Fraud is the Answer to Unemployment

What should one do when an amazon seller steels bank card money codes and buys gifts with the card for his friends?

Yesterday a seller on amazon kept running up my bank account something fierce. I worked with some people from amazon all day long to get my money back. That went very poorly. 

Then surprise, today someone on ebay did the same thing. I closed my ebay account. I am waiting to get my money back from amazon before I close it.

Then I have to go to the bank and get a whole new account.

Internet fraud is such a big and powerful career choice. If we count all the available opportunities for internet fraud, there are enough business positions for employment for everyone. There may never be enough people to fill these positions."Now isn't that special."

Friday, May 2, 2014

Straights should marry and parent only under the supervision of gays.

Okay. With that over with, let's try to move on.

I was thinking today briefly about the anti-Gay clauses in the Old Testament. Still trying to figure that one out. Why would a Stone Age culture need these rules? Was life that confusing back then that gays and straights could tell the difference?

Anyway, by the time of Moses, those statues should have lost any meaning. Couldn't straight people tell who was gay by then.

We went about 3 thousand years afterwards without needing such ridiculous laws and behaviors. Oh, they have varied from time and place, but without any justification. Are there people still living on this planet who don't know what a gay person is? There is no excuse for this any more.

Now some conservative religious leaders--

(Is there such a thing as a conservative religious leader, isn't that an oxymoron. Isn't it impossible to be conservative and religious? God expands and brings together, It does not separate and exclude. If your god is telling you to exclude, that's your false self ego, not God)

--say that gays should have a constitutional right to be married with the same rights civilly, not religiously. What??

Gays were created for gay marriage and for whatever family they can establish for themselves. In general straight people make far worse parents. Should God or a law be made that forbids straight people from marrying or having children. If you want to get technical or statistical, straight people should only be allowed to marry or have children when properly guided by gay people.

Some of these are overgeneralizations, but just barely. Many straight people parent like they are still living in the Stone Age. The consequences can be seen all over the world.

Old Blog Titles Must Be Removed

I am also forbidden to use any of my old titles.

Giving in to the New Google

Well, I'm some what back on the internet. Google insisted that I combine my private blogs with my professional blogs. And in doing so, made me purge all of my previous work. I had to shut down all of my Google accounts, removing all content from all my blogs and all my music from my YouTube accounts. I don't know the logic behind these new rules, but I guess it may make things simpler, at least for Google.